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R&B superstar R Kellly has recently claimed that Jay-Z was not the original choice for the “Best of Both Worlds” collaboration album and that the late Tupac Shakur was.

In an interview with XXL Magazine, R. Kelly spoke about his plans to originally do the album with Pac before his untimely death:

“Well ‘I Wish’ was basically about Tupac at first. I met Tupac in L.A. at the [Hotel Nikko], and he was rolling by in his drop-top whatever hot car. I seen him, and I yelled out, “‘Pac! ‘Pac!” He was driving by, rolling by himself. I’m like, ‘This N***a got a lot of balls to be rolling by hisself!” So we kicked it for a minute, I said “Dude, we need to do an album.” See, The Best Of Both Worlds was for me and Pac at first. “I Wish” was gonna be the first song we were gonna do.”

Kells also had plans to release a sequel to the Best of Both Worlds album, with a second version that would collab with Cash Money Records. However, the album was never put together, as Baby blames Kels for the project’s fall apart in an interview with Ozone Magazine.

“Probably the worst investment I did was Fawkin’ with R. Kelly,” Baby said in a February 2010 interview. “That was a waste of my time. I could’ve made money if I wasn’t Fawkin’ with that clown-a** n*gga.”