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Choose Your Liberation – Vote For The Freedom Party

“The time when white people can come in our community and get us to vote for them so that they can be our political leaders and tell us what to do and what not to do is long gone!

By the same token, the time when that same white-man, knowing that your eyes are too far open, can send another negro into the community and get you and me to support him so he can use him to lead us astray… those days are long gone too!”

“So the political philosophy of Black Nationalism only means that we will have to carry on a program, a political program, of re-education to open our people’s eyes, make us become more politically conscious, politically mature — and then we will, whenever we get ready to cast our ballot, that ballot will be cast for a man of the community who has the good of the community at heart!” – Malcolm X: ‘The Ballot Or The Bullet’ – April 3rd 1964, Detroit.

After acquiring almost three times as many signatures required by the state of New York to be on the ballot for this Tuesday’s state-wide election, members and supporters of the recently established Freedom Party are very confident that they will achieve their goal of garnering the 50,000 required voted in order to legally authenticate themselves as a political party.

As previously reported, 50,000 votes in the Governor’s race in New York will establish The Freedom Party as a national recognized political party.

“We’re excited because on November 2nd we’re definitely going to get the minimum 50,000 votes to become the first Black and Latino-led party in the history of this country to be recognized by a state,” optimistically predicted Freedom Party gubernatorial candidate Charles Barron.

“Secondly, with 300-400 thousand votes we’ll have leverage over those sell-out Negro politicians that go behind doors and cut deals, and try to bring Black votes to the white oppressor based upon deals they cut in the room… that will be over with!” the Brooklyn Councilman determined.  He then warned, “There are 3 million registered voters in N.Y. State… half of that, and I’m the next governor of the state of New York!  We can do this!”

Tirelessly grinding for many months in preparation for this election the Councilman explains why he and his comrades severed ties to the political party represented by a jackass and the importance of utilizing a strategic game plan.

“We have to come off the plantation.  It’s time for liberation politics, but our people are conditioned and it’s time to free our minds.  We’re using electoral politics as a tactic, it’s not a panacea.  It’s an instrument for social change and transformation, and providing some pain relief for our brothers and sisters in the mean time”

By utilizing revolutionary concepts and implementing them within his political framework, the self-proclaimed ‘rebel with a cause’ seeks to create unprecedented history in the electoral arena with this current campaign.

“This is a great time to be Afrikan and revolutionary.  We have to say to our people, ‘There’s nothing wrong with being radical, nothing wrong with embracing your Blackness, and there’s nothing wrong with being progressive and radical on the issues.”

Another elected activist – Jackson, Mississippi Councilman Chokwe Lumumba paid a recent visit to NYC, assessing,

“You can’t just elect a Black man to a white house… you have to have a house of your own, you got to have government of your own.  Afrikan people in Amerikkka have a problem, which is the same problem that Afrikans have around the world… they are colonized, and the answer to colonialism is nationalism, so in order to call shots you need to govern territory.  If you’re a nationalist in Amerikkka, then you’re a revolutionary.”

He continued,

“In Afrika, our people sought freedom on the basis of liberation principles.  Lumumba, Kwame Nkrumah and Sekou Ture came into power not because they hated anybody, but because they were fighting for liberty from themselves.  The government that they call the U.S.A. is not for us, and the sooner that we find that out the better off we’ll be and we’ll stop being confused.  Free the land, free Sekou Odinga and all political prisoners!”

Having already established himself in the People’s Republic of Brooklyn during the last decade-plus, Barron and his team are setting their sights higher.  “The Freedom Party is here to stay!  The Freedom Party is going to rock this state, rock this nation, we’re going to take this all over this country an New York, Amerikkka will never ever be the same again!”

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