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Bow Wow Responds To Raz B Allegations

Newly signed Cash Money member Bow Wow has decided to shed light on some accusations cast his way by former B2K member Raz B.

As previously reported, Raz B appeared on Charlamagne The God’s Sirius Satellite radio show “The Funeral”  and  revealed that not only was he molested by Stokes and Houston but alleged that Bow Wow and Lil’ Fizz were in a secret affair.

“Bow Wow used to always come over to the house in Diamond Bar,” Raz told the radio host. “And I’ve always seen some weird Shyte before. Trust me.”

In an interview with VIBE, Bow Wow decided to address the rumors, stating that it was another case of someone attempting to gain fame off of his name.

“I don’t know Raz at all. The only thing that I was ever affiliated with him was by the Scream tour. But all that funny Isht he poppin’ needs to be left over there. I’m over here just trying to do me,” Bow Wow said in the interview.“We were never even label mates or anything. Maybe because my video is out, N***as feel like they got to eat off my name or try to become relevant.”

Although Bow wow has never denied that one of his closest friends is former B2K front man Omarion, Bow Wow states that he is not gay and has never been involved with anyone in the group, even as friends.

“I get way to much play for him to be saying that stupid Shyte. It’s weak, period. Why every time I try to stay out of Shyte N***as be putting my name in their mouth. I don’t know what they got going on over there,” Bow Wow continued.

“I always heard Shyte but I was just as shocked as everyone else when everything came out. Basically, don’t drag my name in nothing. Raz can’t even contact me because they don’t have my numbers. See, I don’t want to talk to him or waste my time.”

In other Bow Wow news, Bow Wow states that he is excited that Lil Wayne was home and sheds light on the advice he received from Weezy behind bars.

In an interview with RealTalkNY, Bow Wow states that during a visit with his label CEO, Weezy advised him that jail is not for rich people.

“Weezy straight told me that jail is not for rich N***as,” Bow Wow said. “I think that really this is a time that black men really need to stand up and stop doing dumb Shyte.

The police and everybody is watching us and waiting for us to Fawk up and we keep doing dumb Shyte. At some point we have to say that enough is enough and change things, because if you really love something you will do what you have to do to keep it.”

Check out the interview below:


Check out the interview below: