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Hammer Addresses Jay-Z Diss

Jay-Z may have thought that the passive way he addressed the alleged Hammer diss on “So Appalled” would amend the fences with Hammer, but we was wrong.

As previously reported, in an interview with DJ Semtex Jay states that the “shot at Hammer” was taken out of context.

“Am I the first person to think that it was taken out of context?” Jay asks laughing. “Am I, I mean I was making sure of that because I have had nothing but nice things to say about Hammer in my book.”

Hammer decided to reveal why he felt compelled to bust back at Jay-Z, who like many before decided to talk about Hammer’s financial issues from 1994.

“To me it’s not a good question for a cat that’s from the streets,” Hammer said. “I’m going to use an analogy to make things simple. If I walk past 5 dudes who call me a sucka and the 5th dude tries and gets knocked out, he can’t be mad at me-he should be mad at the other 5 for not telling him I’m not a punk and getting him knocked out.”

Hammer further states that although mainstream may not have heard about the results of previous rappers verbally attacking him, the issues were addressed.

Them dudes lied to you man, they didn’t tell you about the other dudes that got knocked out,” Hammer said. “So what you need to do, on the real is check my track record in this business. If you go back to my active period, I’ve never let no one say my name and not address it-ever!”

Hammer also states that he is not a bully and the reason he decided to address Jay-Z also had to do with Jay’s influence on Pop culture.

“This dude is a very influential dude,” Hammer continued. “He is on Forbes Magazine and if you are in magazine, talking about he has 4 and 5 million, so what are you worried about me for? Why are you using me as an example and my issue was 16 years ago. Jay knows this wasn’t random, there was some other issues going on behind the scenes and there is someone else that knows and will be able to shed some light on what’s going on.”

Wow, looks like Hammer ain’t playing. Jay-Z better run…

Check out the interview:

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