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Actress Diane Keaton Wants To Work With Kanye, Jay-Z

If actress, Diane Keaton ends up retiring from the silver screen for a career in rap, you can thank 50 Cent. The 64-year-old actress whose most notable movie placements include roles in The Godfather, The First Wives Club and Father of the Bride apparently caught the hip-hop bug while acting on the film Morning Glory alongside Fif.

The movie, which features a celebrity ensemble including Harrison Ford, Rachel McAdams and Patrick Wilson centers around a TV morning show host named “Colleen Peck,” – played by Keaton – who takes on outrageous assignments to stay on the air.

In the movie, Keaton has a scene where he character raps alongside rapper 50 Cent. Though Keaton says spitting 16s was more than uncomfortable, she later admitted that she would like to work with Kanye and Jay-Z.

Diane Keaton told the Associated Press,

“I do have a daughter who is 15, and that made it even more humiliating because she thought I was just such an idiot. And she wasn’t wrong That’s my rap debut and that’s the end of me as a rapper. I won’t be working with Kanye, or Jay-Z. They have not called. I would like to. I’m available, guys.”

Here’s to hoping ‘Ye or Jay-Z’s number never shows up on Keaton’s caller ID.

Morning Glory, which hit select theatres November 10, grossed over $9 million at the box office over the weekend.

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