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Hip-Hop veteran AZ has stated that his upcoming album Doe or Die 2 may be his last.

In an interview with Mikey T the Movie Star, AZ states that people need to learn how to bow out gracefully.

“I think after [my next album] Doe or Die 2, I’ma wrap it up,” AZ said in the interview. “It’s been fun, it’s been fun, I did good. You gotta go out like [undefeated boxer Floyd] Mayweather. Mayweather go out, he’ll jump back in but he’s gonna go out without scars. So I’m cool, I did a good job.”

AZ also spoke about the motivation behind his albums and touched on the possibilities of a Nas collaboration.

” I reached out to [Nas],” AZ told SOHH in an interview. ” I think he’s going through a couple of whirls, he’s going through a lot of situations so we haven’t really sat down and politic’ed and talked about everything.

Actually, I did reach out for this Doe Or Die 2, that’s what I’m working on, the Doe Or Die 2 stuff. Raekwon did the Cuban Linx [2], and The Blueprint 3 and the Carter III and IV, so them sequels do good in the marketplace. So I’m trying to do this Doe Or Die 2, I reached out to him, I haven’t gotten feedback as of yet, but like I said, look at what he’s going through.”

Doe Or Die 2 is due out in stores next year.