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General Thurbert Baker, Georgia attorney, had left his footprint in history as the National Bar Association presented him with its first annual Barack Obama Political Leadership Award during its 84th annual meeting that was held in San Diego, California.

Baker was also awarded for his prestige as he was recognized for his achievements as a public servant as well as an elected official.

The award was given to Baker by Rodney G. Moore who was the former president of the NBA as well as the current president, Mavis Theassa Thompson.

Along with the award, Baker has etched himself in time as he is Georgia’s first African-American Attorney General as his time in office has spanned all the way back to 1997. Even with it now being 2009, Baker is still holding the title as being the only elected Black Attorney General in the whole nation.

His achievements while in office include him successfully managing the state’s legal affairs for over two decades. As his intent is generally geared towards providing protection for families and specifically children, Baker has created firm laws against sexual predators who have an eye for children and attack them through the Internet. Working heavily with local prosecutors and police, they have all collaborated to bring these offenders to justice for their misdeeds.

Work for Baker also comes in the form of preventing domestic violence as he has adamantly fought to make it an offense to engage in this while children are present and has remained close with authorities in order to enforce the safety of family and decrease violence within them.

Outside of being an Attorney General, Baker’s work is also in the Georgia House of Representatives where he gave five years of his service. During this time, as floor leader, he led the way in passing some of the most important legislation in the history of Georgia such as the institution of the state lottery and the HOPE Scholarship program.