Once known as the Bad Azz, Lil Boosie has kicked it up a notch to Superbad as he is on the verge of releasing his project, Superbad: The Return of Bad Azz, which is set to hit shelves on September 15. In anticipation for his upcoming album, took some time to talk with Boosie about the album.

“You can listen to every song on the album. I got Jeezy on there, got Trina on there, Bobby V, Birdman. It’s just a classic album.”

Recently the video was shot for the song “Better Believe It” which features the likes of fellow Trill Entertainment member Webbie and Young Jeezy.

“The concept is getting rap money now and we ain’t selling drugs, you better believe it. Look at my neck, you better believe it. Anything I’m telling you on the mic, you better believe it. Jeezy is in the video. It took about 2 days and Jeezy stayed one day and knocked his out then we knocked it out the next. It was set in Baton Rouge, Louisiana.”

Creating the hit “Independent” Boosie has built a strong fan base and makes sure to incorporate that formula this go around on the upcoming project.

“I got a couple of tracks for the women on this one and it’s more than the last one. You got to cater to the women because if you look at the sources, women buy most of the CDs these days so you have to cater to them and as you get older you get more romantic than you were.”

As with most artists, there comes a point where they want to have more control over their career and the decisions made as well as the overall direction. Boosie has decided to put on the suit and tie, in a sense, as he is in the works of creating his own imprint.

“I got a label deal that’s about to jump off after my album. I’m waiting for my label, Bad Azz Entertainment. It just started and we have put out like 5 mixtapes over the last 2 years.”

For those that may believe that this is a sign of the rapper distancing himself from Trill and fellow rappers such as Foxx and Webbie, he assures us of the fact that it was done so that he would be able to benefit more as an artist and would be beneficial to others in the game.

“It wasn’t like stepping away, it was more like I gotta do my own thing and I’m going to be a CEO so I’m going to get all my money. It was just a position knowing that I could put other people on. I’m the only CEO and soon we’ll be getting a lot of money. Once you get older, you have to get business-minded. I have a 16-year-old girl that’s spitting and I have Money Bagz, I call them Double Trouble. We’re just working hard and putting out more music than anybody in the streets and that’s why I still have my buzz so hot.”

Boosie also took time out to clarify a particular rumor about a robbery that occurred in his house last month where he had supposedly lost recording equipment and songs.

“He didn’t break into my house, we had a gathering at my house where I had like 100 people there. He tried to steal my chain and some other things and I turned into Michael Myers. He didn’t get to keep anything. He was in the hospital for three weeks.”

Superbad: The Return of Bad Azz will also include production from The Runners, Big Wayne and Trill Entertainment in-house producer Mouse.

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