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O.J. Simpson was given back some of his own football memorabilia that he reclaimed in a Las Vegas heist. For which, he now sits in a Nevada prison for many years.

A California Superior Court judge, Gerald Rosenberg, ordered that the relics be returned to the football Hall of Famer, even though he sits in prison for stealing the very same items.

After more than a year of legal throws, Rosenberg ordered that nine collector footballs be returned along with a few other items. The souvenirs were given to the lawyer of Fred Goldman, the man who filed a $33.5 million civil lawsuit against Simpson, to put up for auction in an attempt to collect the massive judgement.

The judge, however, seemingly ruling in Simpson’s favor said the former athlete must get the first $6,075 from the auction. Rosenberg noted that it was possible that amount could not be attained from the auction and there’s a possibility Goldman will get nothing, reports the Associated Press.

Bruce Fromong, the memorabilia dealer who was assaulted by Simpson, was able to recover about 600 photographs and several books that he claims were taken from the hotel room during the Sept. 13, 2007 incident.

Simpson was sentenced to nine to 33 years on charges of armed robbery, kidnapping and other charges stemming from the hotel room standoff, in which he reclaimed autographed NFL souvenirs, including three neck ties he wore at his murder trial.

Goldman’s representation, attorney David Cook, received the nine game balls and two pillow cases from the hotel room for the auction.