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“The Godmother” Griselda Blanco

After dropping her mixtape named after Drug Queenpin Griselda Blanco, it seems that Jacki-O was running into a few problems when she received a call from  “The Godmother’s  son Michael Corleone Blanco.

The Miami rap vixen revealed to Hip-Hop Wired that everything was copacetic now and that she and The Blanco’s are on good terms.

“I did indeed make contact with Griselda Blanco’s  son Michael. He first gave me his blessings and then expressed his need for us both to find a way to relive his mother’s legacy and portray her in a way that the media never did. (Maybe I did go in too much with the cover of my mixtape) (Laughs).

After speaking with him and realizing the love his mother has for her children she is much more than a common, run of the mill drug dealer. He told me he was “flattered” that I honored his mother and wished me “continued success” on my project.  He was not displeased with me or my work; he only asked that I let the world know that his mother Griselda Blanco is a “caring, loving, business woman”.

I will take what I have learned from doing my research on Griselda Blanco and continue to empower myself and other females.  I am Jacki-O not Griselda Blanco however we are both women in a male dominated arena and I can relate to having to be strong like she is.

Me naming my mixtape after Griselda Blanco was because she is portrayed to have been infamous in the underground world and she was and still is very well respected. We have an open line of communication so everyone just stay tuned for what’s gonna be popping in 2011.”

A Small Exerpt From An Interview With Charles Crosby Talking About Griselda Blanco!


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