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Bad Boy mogul Diddy took some time out of his vacation to discuss his thoughts on the meaning behind Last Train to Paris, G. Dep’s pending murder trial and give the real scoop on his alleged beef with Jay Electronica.

In an interview with Shade 45, Diddy states that although Dirty Money’s debut album released and hit the Billboard Top 10, a lot of people didn’t believe in the project initially.

I had a lot of people in the beginning that were trying to shy away from the project,” Diddy said in the interview. “A lot of people thought it was going to be on some Europop Shyte and tried to anticipate that we wouldn’t do well, so to break into the top 10 with a debut is definitely a blessing.”

Despite a public war of words on Twitter, Diddy states that there are no hard feelings towards Jay Electronica and that he really hopes for the best for him.



“Let me clear this thing up about Jay Electronica,” Diddy said. “He’s my friend and when he signed, I was looking at things selfishly because I wanted to rock with my friend. But to answer all questions, no there is no beef with Jay Elec[tronica], I really wish him the best in his new situation.”

In regards to G. Dep’s pending murder case, Diddy states that the situation is something out of character for the mild mannered emcee.

“G.Dep is the type that wouldn’t hurt a fly,” Diddy continued. “People want to judge and say things but they don’t know that what he confessed to is so far from the man I know. I am glad he decided to man up and handle the situation, I know back then he had a real bad drug problem and that may have been what contributed to the incident.”

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