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With Keyshia Cole’s Calling All Hearts album now in stores, the singer is reflecting on her new careers outside of music—her role as a new mother and soon to be wife of Daniel ” Boobie” Gibson.

During an intimate sit-down with the R&B songstress, Cole revealed to HipHopWired that she hopes the intimate details of her love life will change a number of women’s perspectives about men.

According to the “I Should Have Cheated” singer,  you’ll never see her name in the press for stepping out on her loved one because she plans to “hold him down for life.”

“I think alot my fans follow me and see how far I’ve come… A lot of women follow me and a lot of us feel like these men ain’t Shyte and you [Boobie] changed my perspective and hopefully we can change their perspective because they’re a lot of guys out there that wanna do right by their woman and represent their women they should be represented.

I know I’mma hold mine down for life. You’ll never see me cheating on him or carrying myself unladylike representing us. I told him thank you for that. A lot of people do look to me and see my life as an example of hopefully the way they can have it.”

Keyshia also revealed that for the holidays instead of spending time at home with her family, she and her fiancé hope to take their son to a homeless shelter where he can give back to the less fortunate and see the trials and tribulations his parents faced in the past.

“I am so altruistic. Me and Daniel wanna take the baby to a homeless shelter and give away all the old stuff we don’t use in the house. I wanna start a tradition in our family where Junior gets to see that. We’re not in the hood anymore, but we came from that…he came from that and I came from that. So now can we allow our child to see the types of things that we’ve seen.  Of course we live a different lifestyle but I want him to see that…how different lifestyles can connect. “

Included in her giving is Cole’s plan to once give monetarily to a number of markets to help the needy.

“Last year I gave to Philly, New York and Oakland. I gave $10,000 to each market and I think the label matched every $10,000 I gave. I said the more successful I get the more cities would be added on so hopefully that tradition continues.”


Check out Keyshia talking love and her holiday plans below.


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