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An employee of 50 Cent’s G-Unit empire is due in court today for his second assault charge in three months. 27-year old Dwayne Mckenzie is facing criminal charges for attacking an unidentified woman and holding her down so another woman could beat her.

The incident happened August 16 at 50’s 50,000 square foot mansion in Connecticut. According to the unidentified woman, he asked her for oral sex. When she refused, one of her friends jumped to her defense and began to argue with him. When the woman and her friend tried to leave, they were attacked by 21-year old Michelle Krzykowski. The victim also reports that the G-Unit henchman hit her in the head with a hard object, leaving a gash that required nine staples to close.

Mckenzie is facing similar charges from an incident in May. Police arrested him May 27th for choking a woman and beating her with a belt. The incident took place at 50’s mansion as well, where McKenzie resides in one of the 19 bedrooms. 50 was not present at the time of both incidents. He may have been present however in 2007 when Mckenzie took it upon himself to pistol whip a party promoter that did not announce an after-party for a club event at the sprawling mansion.