Meek Mill‘s prison sentencing last month was seen by many as not only unjust but also controversial but, he’s making the most of his time in the bing. However, Meek actually could’ve actually helped his case against Philadelphia judge Genece E. Brinkley before she sent him away had he went full Donnie Brasco.

According to a report by, Meek Mill ‘s camped asked the FBI last year to investigate the judge presiding over his case due to fears that she could impartially make decisions against him (man were they right).

The FBI took up the case after learning that the judge allegedly was trying to extort favors out of the MMG artist in exchange for leniency but once they asked Meek to wear a wire during his private conversations with Brinkley he balked at the request and the investigation came to a halt.

Now we’re not sure what the consensus is for someone wearing a wire to help the feds bag a crooked law official who’s trying to send you away, but obviously Meek Mill felt that was a bit too snitchy.

Since then Meek decided to just go it alone and well, the rest is history.

While there have been court filings against Brinkley since accusing her of conflict of interests and making inappropriate requests of Meek including ditching Roc Nation for his old Philadelphia based manager, Brinkley still continues to preside over his case and make his life that much harder.

What do y’all think? Should Meek have worn a wire to bring down an alleged crooked judge or not? Sounds off on the comments below.