No one wants Keaton Jones to keep getting bullied. However, the jig is up for his parents—now his father has been revealed to be a currently incarcerated white supremacist. 

Jones’ momma has been catching slander since she thinks proudly waving a Confederate flag is funny instead of, ya know, highly racist.

Now it turns out her baby daddy (maybe husband…common law?) is in the bing and also believes white is right.

Reports TMZ:

“The father’s name is Shawn White and his Facebook features multiple memes with sayings like, “HOLY F*** I LOVE BEING WHITE,” “Keep Calm and be White Pride,”  and “Aryan Pride.”

The memes we found were all posted in 2014. There was also a selfie profile pic that shows Shawn shirtless with “PURE BREED” tatted on his chest … and “WHITE PRIDE” on his stomach.

He also has neck ink that reads, “CWB” — a common abbreviation for a gang called Crazy White Boy.”

Reportedly, White has been in jail since May 2015 and is due to get out next year. He’s in the clink for an aggravated assault conviction.

By the looks of it, White is allegedly a deadbeat dad and dam sure doesn’t appear to be the best role model for his kids.

Unless the goal is to create more neo-nazis, then he’s goals.

Photo; TMZ via Facebook


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