Diddy, or if you prefer Puff Daddy, made waves in stating online that he hopes to purchase the Carolina Panthers, a tall order as there are no Black majority owners of any NFL team. Colin Kaepernick, who Puff said he’d hire at quarterback, said he’d even be interested in joining the Bad Boy mogul’s ownership group.

Diddy is nothing if not a big dreamer, and as his worth as a mogul approaches billionaire status, the reality is closer than ever. Earlier this week, Diddy took to both Twitter and Instagram to express himself, stirring up a lot of chatter across news channels. Kaepernick caught wind of the fervor and threw a tweet saying he’s ready to get on the executive side of the game.

“I want in on this ownership group! Let’s make it happen,” Kaepernick tweeted Monday (Dec. 18) morning.

As it stands, the Carolina Panthers is worth around $1 billion but has the potential to sell double that. Diddy, if his aims are true, will most likely partner with other like-minded individuals in raising the capital necessary to pull off the haul.

Photo: Getty

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