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The beef between Ta-Nehisi Coates and Cornel West just got a bit messier. The former has deleted his Twitter in response to the backlash that includes alt-right leader and universal douchebag Richard Spencer co-signing the latter. 

West recently wrote an op-ed for The Guardian where he chastised Coates as a neoliberal, among other critiques. Many people took it as sour grapes due to West having a reputation as a profound hater. See Michael Eric Dyson’s takedown of West for the gist of it.

West scored no additional points when Spencer, the neo-nazi who has been punched in the face for cultural purposes at least a couple of times, agreed with him (we’ll use Yashar Ali’s RT because it’s f*ck Richard Spencer).

Reportedly, Bernie Bros also got in on slandering Ta-Nehisi Coates. This led to the Between The World and Me author deleting his account, or at least suspending it.

Of course, there are those on White Supremacist twitter gloating, proud that their cyberbullying has caused Coates to flee. We wouldn’t bet on him not returning, though.

Just before his departure, he dropped a tweet that essentially exposed the foolhardiness of West’s ire.

Expect Coate’s eventual retort to West to be that fiyah, backed by nothing but facts. Maybe that’s why he took a Twitter break, to get his research on?

Stay strong Ta-Nehisi Coates, the fact that they’re so scared of your pen means that you are only delivering the truth.


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