Juju also taps Bianca to play a major role in the production and at the auditions, she showcases her skills. Not too bad, B. While there, Juju also shares with her sister that she and Cam have been growing apart as of late. This news broke our hearts. After 10 years? Damn.

Snoop, Self and Jaquae sit down for drinks and conversation and share that James R. tagged them in an invite for his video release party. Jaquae says that they ought to give James what he wants and attend, Snoop is hesitant but agrees to go, which ends up being a mess of course. She should’ve gone with her first mind because the minute they get in, James is needling all three of them. He calls them “the opps,” Snoop steps to the task of checking dude. He responds, “Listen lil’ shorty you don’t even know nothing about it…” and he bumps her pretty aggressively. “She shouldn’t touch my jacket…,” he says aloud to no one in particular. Wack ass. Are we crazy for thinking Snoop could probably knock his ass out for real?

Either way, link up next week and we’ll see how it goes when Mariahlynn falls through to topple James’ ice sculpture and Trent responds to Jonathan with paperwork.

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