Bungie back in 2013 released their very bold game Destiny to gamers everywhere and to accompany the game was supposed to be an eight-part musical work titled Destiny Music of The Spheres composed by then Bungie veteran Marty O’Donnell. Unfortunately, the musical opus never saw the light of day until recently when it was anonymously “leaked” onto the internet via SoundCloud.

A late Christmas gift for Destiny fans.

Music of the Spheres was supposed to serve as a musical companion Bungie’s game Destiny and was crafted by Marty O’Donnell, his partner Michael Salvatori and the legendary Beatle, Paul McCartney. Destiny’s publisher Activision and O’Donnell spent a nearly a year battling over the fact they didn’t use O’Donnell’s music in a trailer shown at E3  2013.The following year in April, Bungie gave O’Donnell the boot and shelved the highly coveted music project.

Damn shame.

O’Donnell has been very talkative about the project recently sharing some thoughts about it with his Twitter followers even promising to share the entire MOTS story via his own blog post.

There has even been a petition launched by fans demanding that Bungie release the project officially.

Until that happens, if that happens those fans can now enjoy those tracks they loved from the game via the Soundcloud leak.

In an email to Kotaku writer Jason Schreier, O’Donnell spoke about the recent leaking MOTS:

“I’m quite relieved and happy. This was the way it was supposed to have been heard 5 years ago.

My wife and I spent the afternoon with my now 93-year-old father and we showed him that people were finally able to hear this work. It made our Christmas even better. My mother, his wife of over 60 years died a couple years ago and although she loved listening and shared it with some of her friends (she was a musician) she never understood why it wasn’t released.

I don’t know who actually did it but they have my blessing. I honestly don’t know how anyone could begrudge this any longer.”

Amen Marty, so you better hurry and listen to Music of the Spheres on SoundCloud below before Activision/Bungie decides to pull the plug on upload.Also if you haven’t done so already pick up a copy of Destiny 2 for your recently purchase Xbox One X or PS4.

Photo: Activision/Bungie

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