Later, Young Bae and her boyfriend (of six months) Rob take things to the next level and decide to move in together, after Bae hesitates, citing her father’s abuse as the main factor. Eventually, after one very sweet gesture from Rob, she agrees to give cohabitating a shot. They’re cute together.

Meanwhile, Vagina Slayer and all his ratchet friends throw a pop-up party at 113th, like they aren’t missing thousands in there. To be fair, the Crew hasn’t been told about the missing cash so there’s that. Still, ol’ boy just got there and he’s throwing parties for strangers? Before that, Vag and Donna (of all people) are discussing Melody as manager. Vag dedices that it’s in his best interests to stay out of Mel’s way. Donna goes even further and says, “Honestly, I don’t think [she] should be the manager. Mel is not one to absorb her emotions and act accordingly to the job.” Girl, shut up. We were shocked to see Donna knowingly throw Mel under the bus like this. But she has a nasty streak of envy in her. Remember when Ceas made Sky a manager? Donna’s a hater.

Anyway, the party jumps off. The blue-haired girl that Walt hired and Mel locked out (and fired) is there. Melody pops up on them like the mother of a latchkey kid. Vagina Slayer and the rest of these rockheads gang up on Melody the manager, because they don’t like that she’s telling them that this party wasn’t authorized. 113th is always partying but typically with the manager there, si or no?

They push Melody out the door, with Donna being the loudest one. “Go outside Mel,” she bellowed. SMH.

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