Sky is unable to find evidence of who stole the money but she shows Ceas all the “incriminating Snaps” she took of the staff over at 113th. Expensive jackets, grills and butt lifts but she swears against telling, even if she knew who the thief was for sure. “I ain’t no rat,” she says.

Back at 113th, Mel does a tattoo and a few days later, while it’s healing, the client returns to the shop to complain about how sloppy it is. She says that a few of the lines are a bit shaky and Donna and Vagina Slayer couldn’t wait to tear Mel’s work apart. Welp Vag, that Eye of Ra tattoo (or whatever it was) was a mess. And Donna, you don’t want people to revisit that “cover up” you did a few weeks back. All of the internets said that the woman’s ankle looked like she needed it amputated.

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