Skyzoo‘s ready to make noise in 2018 and he’s letting it be known that his next album isn’t just another music project, but something near and dear to his heart. Taking to his IG page Skyzoo has no qualms stating that his 4th solo project means the world to him,

Posting the album cover and tracklisting, the Brooklyn rapper calls In Celebration of Us, “Easily my most complex, most layered, and most important work to date, no debates. My greatest piece thus far.”

That’s pretty high praise for his own album. We hope Sky knows that he’s setting high expectations for his fans who are looking forward to this.

Peep the In Celebration of Us tracklist below and check for the album when it drops on February 2.

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And here we go, the countdown to my 4th solo album. Easily my most complex, most layered, and most important work to date, no debates. My greatest piece thus far: “In Celebration of Us”. Produced by Illmind, Apollo Brown, Daringer, Marc Nfinit, Cardiak, Tuamie, Ave Prod., Seige Monstracity, and Arte Mitchell. No rap features, I got enough raps. These are stories that, like “The Salvation”, I preferred to tell on my own. Tracklist and (singer) guest features below. Tentatively scheduled for February 2nd, as I’m still mixing and mastering. I’ve never been this meticulous about an album in my life. Conceptually, this is Ta-nehisi Coates meets Chappelle’s Show meets The Autobiography of Malcolm X meets Blackish meets the case of Sandra Bland meets the birth of Air Jordans. It’s intense. And it’s beautiful. See y’all in February. Photo by @photorobnyc #FGR #WrittenBySkyzoo #InCelebrationOfUs ✊🏽 ———————————— 1) Everybody's Fine 2) Sound Like… 3) Baker’s Dozen (feat. Raheem Devaughn) 4) Crown Holder 5) Heirlooms & Accessories 6) Forever In A Day 7) Remembering The Rest (feat. WordsNCurves) (Interlude) 8) The Purpose (feat. Kay Cola) 9) Love is Love 10) Black Sambo 11) Parks & Recreation (feat. Saba Abraha) 12) Collateral (feat. Jake&Papa) 13) The Stick-Up Tape From "Menace" 14) Hoodie SZN 15) Honor Amongst Thieves

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