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The hype building around Marvel’s upcoming Black Panther film is reaching Life After Death heights. After its latest trailer released on Monday night, advanced ticket sales began to fly off the digital shelves.

Deadline is reporting that after ticket sales went live on Monday night Black Panther leaped over Captain America: Civil War for Marvel’s best-selling MCU film in its first 24 hours of presale tickets.

The culture has spoken!

Whether or not Black Panther hits the $179 million dollar mark of Civil War’s opening weekend is anyone’s guess but we wouldn’t be surprised if it broke that record as well. Opening in correlation with a 4-day President’s Day weekend on February 16 should also help Ryan Coogler‘s Marvel directorial debut film to have a huge opening weekend haul.

Throw into the fray the fact that Kendrick Lamar and Top Dawg Entertainment are at the musical helm of Black Panther and you now have the perfect storm of visual and audio.

But should Black Panther fall short of Civil War‘s opening weekend numbers (as most industry estimates predict) it still has a shot at becoming the biggest opening of all-time for a February film with Deadpool currently holding that title ($132.4 million).

That being said should take those doubts as a challenge and go out and support Black Panther as many times as we can (and can afford) on President’s Day weekend. We’re down for multiple screenings on a 4-day weekend. How about y’all?

Have you locked down your advanced ticket sales for Black Panther yet?

Photo: Marvel