Techies and nerds attending this year’s CES (Consumer Electronics Show) convention were not expecting to be in the dark early this morning when they tried to check out companies new technological offerings to the world.BUT that’s exactly what happened when most of the Las Vegas Convention Center lost power for power.

Well, that’s shocking.

The blackout lasted for about 2 hours and the cause still remains a mystery. Most companies could not show off their latest products due to the lack of electricity. So all of those OLED TV’s, virtual reality rides, and smart fridges were pretty much useless for the most part and put on full display just how important electricity is no matter how much smarter the devices are. Phones were even hostages of charging stations they were put in.

Attendees managed to safely navigate their way around the convention center in the dark thanks to the light pouring in from in the windows and battery operated signs. Also, the sounds of “Despacito” (hopefully not the Bieber version) could be heard blaring from a booth on the floor.Twitter being Twitter can find the humor in any situation and they decided to chime in on the situation.

L O L!  Intel, Sony and OREO even got in on the fun and decided to let some tweets fly in light of the situation.

Of course, there were tweets that still reminded us of how we take things like electricity for granted especially with parts of Puerto Rico still without power and are still suffering from the devastating effects of Hurricane Maria.

We see no lies in those tweets above, but these jokes must still be told. To see more hilarious reactions to a bunch of nerds in the dark hit the gallery below.

Photo by David Becker/Getty Images

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