Sony Santa Monica Studios finally gives us more details on what we can expect from the new Kratos in their latest trailer for the remake of Sony’s prized franchise God of War. We also got a release date as well so mark 4/20 on your calendar cause that’s when Kratos will make his official PS4 debut.

Light up a joint (if that’s your thing) and pick up the sticks.

We already knew Santa Monica Studio’s reboot is taking our favorite reluctant protagonist out of his usual Greek settings and placing him in the wonderful world of Norse lore.We also knew his trusty Blades of Athena have been replaced with a bad ass ax he can throw as easily Thor tosses Mjölnir. We also knew he wouldn’t be embarking on this latest quest alone when we were introduced to his bow and arrow wielding son Atreus. Now we got even more information on what fuels this new version of Kratos and unlike his predecessor, it’s not revenge.

In the new God of War, we are getting what would seem to be a conflicted Kratos who is struggling with being a parent and a tough guy while helping his son grieve after the loss of his mother. In the trailer, he and his son embark on a journey to honor their lost loved one’s final wishes. While on this journey, we see Kratos is struggling to reveal to his son that he is a God and that longer he waits to reveal his own true nature or his sons he risks losing him as well.At the same time face challenges, we have come to expect from God of War games. So not only will Kratos be battling giant beasts but he also has to take on being a dad which can be a battle within itself.

God of War will be Sony’s first big release of the new year and will launch on what will already be a big day for video games with Nintendo launching their biggest experiment yet Labo. Sony’s announcement also shed light on collectors editions that will be available as well as pre-order bonuses. So mark your calendars, let your friends know that on 4/20 that Kratos returns and you will be home locked in. Watch the story trailer for God of War below.

Photo by Christian Petersen/Getty Images

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