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While the Orange Buffoon in the White House continues to tank in approval ratings and pretty much run America into the ground, conservative media is wetting its shorts over a 2005 photo featuring President Barack Obama and Nation of Islam leader Min. Louis Farrakhan. The photo was snapped when Obama was then a senator and the photographer who took the image said the Congressional Black Caucus buried the photo as it may have harmed Obama’s presidential aims.

Photographer Askia Muhammad became a fan of Obama after watching him speak at the 2004 Democratic National Convention and wanted to get the shot just for his own collection. After taking the photo, Muhammad tells that the CBC contacted him and suggested he bury the photo. writes:

Muhammad had not even left the scene when he received a call and the photo was being summoned by a member of the Congressional Black Caucus. Muhammad ultimately surrendered the disk to Minister Farrakhan’s chief of staff. And it remained one of America’s best hidden secrets for the next 12 years.

For the first time, more than a decade later, the glowing photograph of now former President Barack Obama and Minister Louis Farrakhan has been published in a book by Muhammad to be released Jan. 31 – “The Autobiography of Charles 67X”. Muhammad and some political observers still believe that if that photo had been released, it could have drawn enough fire – even from some of Obama’s supporters looking for excuses – to dent his chances of becoming president.

Naturally, outlets that famously railed against Obama in the past like the Washington Examiner and Fox News are clearly trying to make this a thing. The CBC has remained mum about the matter and clearly, this run in the media will only help Muhammad sell his book to the masses which features the so-called controversial image.

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