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Love and Hip-Hop Miami’s drama is picking up and we get a sense of that immediately as episode 5 starts. We pick right up where last week left off with Shay and Liz confronting Prince and his “friend” Gabriel at the launch of his fashion line.

Things get heated quickly when Shay and Liz ceremoniously throw beverages at Gabrielle and Chinese Kitty. Security quickly comes in and removes Shay and Liz from the room but Chinese Nicky literally snatches  Shay’s wig.

Twitters breakdown of the mini rumble primarily focused on Chinese Nicky’s face and the wig snatching.

Once Shay things calmed down a bit Prince goes to confront Liz and find out why she and her “ratchet ass friend” was there in the first place. He surprised to see that his nemesis Michelle Pooch is there. Prince is still clueless that his ex and his rival are actually best friends in real life while trying to talk to Liz, Pooch comes and remove Liz from the situation.


Photo by Greg Doherty/Getty Images

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