We finally get some Trick and Trina action this episode. Trina is on a mission to settle this beef between Joy and Trick and she gets her hairdresser to confront her estranged husband. During an event to announce a joint album, nobody asked for Trick noticed his “wife” sitting in VIP and decides to leave the stage. Joy and Trick link up backstage to discuss their marital situation and get it settled. Joy is clearly fed up, not happy and wants a divorce but for some reason, Trick won’t allow it until now. Trick has had enough and tells Joy that he will grant her wish and give her the divorce she so desperately wanted. Twitter was confused as to what to took him so long to come to that decision in the first place.

Well now that his hands are finally clean of the situation, Trick is back on the market and on the prowl. We can’t wait to see him in rare form now that he’s single next episode.

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