Episode 6 was Pleasure P’less but it was still chocked full of Shay and her sorry wigs. Of course, Twitter took notice of her sad choice in lace fronts.

Shay may have struck out with Pleasure P but it looks like she may want to get that old thing back. The one man she can’t seem to stop talking about Scrappy brings his reality tv talents from Atlanta to Miami. Mona really knows how to manufacture the drama right?  Scrappy and his struggle braids sit down on the couch right next to Shay and the two rekindle old feelings and hash out old beef. Twitter immediately got their fingers moving sending out warnings in the form of Tweets to Shay.

We all know this isn’t going to play out well for both Shay and Scrappy somehow on this show. BUT we are definitely here for whatever drama comes out of this.


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