Veronica didn’t make it to Amara’s revenge session for whatever reason last episode. Steph felt the need to fill her in on what happened and how Jojo was a real friend who didn’ care for Amara’s so-called friends talking behind her back. Not feeling Jojo’s maneuvers she decided to meet up with the Jojo to have a discussion about it.

The conversation gets heated quickly and Veronica quickly learns she bit off more than she can chew with Jojo. The two trade insults and Veronica got entirely too comfortable and that’s when Jojo takes the glass of water and throws it on Veronica. The two are separated before they exchange blows but the damage is done. Twitter established last week they were not here for Veronica and her shady behavior and clearly Jojo’s team.

Amara please do yourself a favor and keep Jojo around and ditch Veronica permanently cause she is not your friend.


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