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Breana Harmon Talbott Mugshot

Source: Denison Police Dept. / Denison Police Dept.

The color of one’s skin continues to dictate accountability for criminal behavior. A teenager who lied about being raped by Black men might skip the trip to the big house.

After being reported as a missing person Breana Harmon Talbott reappeared in a Texas church claiming she had been kidnapped and gang raped. Her narrative pointed the finger at three unnamed Black males as the culprits.

When police investigated the DNA evidence and the alleged crime scenes further they found that her story didn’t hold up. The 19-year old then confessed that the story was an elaborate hoax.

Now almost almost 12 months later Talbott faces several years in prison but since she is White and is using the “I wasn’t thinking straight” card she might walk off all together.

According to her lawyer Bob Jarvis his client is very apologetic thus she entered a plea agreement. Under her guilty filing Harmon will only be sentenced to probation or deferred-probation which means no jail time.

Meanwhile Cyntoia Brown still sits in jail. Sigh.

Via Vibe Magazine

Photo: Denison Police Dept.