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DJ Envy Desus And Mero The Breakfast Club

Source: Revolt / The Breakfast Club

Things got a little testy this morning on Power 105’s The Breakfast Club between host DJ Envy and guests Desus and Mero. Envy took it personally when the guys joked about his wife only sticking with him because of the money, and he confronted them live on air about the quip with Envy looking ready to set it.

Envy aired a portion of a clip where Envy was a guest on the show last month alongside his wife Gia Casey, and Mero made a slight dig about her being with him for the money. While Mero insisted during the interview it was all jokes, Envy was ready to hop over the table on the Viceland show hosts. And at one point, Envy just flat left the studio with Charlamagne and the gang holding court and trying to keep the show from going completely off the rails.

Some fans have noted that Envy’s energy may have been in the right place but should have been reserved for not stepping out on his wife, although he came clean on air about his actions with the family apparently working it out.

DJ Envy’s name became a top trending topic on Twitter and the jokes have been flying, with some saying Envy is being a little reactionary. However, Desus and Mero all agreed to keep the jokes on Envy and leave his family out of it.

Check out some of the reaction via Twitter below and on the following pages.

But, here’s a fair point.

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