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Justice League (2017)

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Justice League was a bad movie there are no buts about it. The movie was so bad in fact to fans that it is now officially the lowest-grossing film in the DCEU (DC extended universe). The giant film that was supposed save DC’s movie universe turned out to be a giant flop grossing a very meager $229 million in total box office revenue.

Not the honor the film was hoping to garner.

Zach Snyder’s mega superhero film was hoping to capture the same magic Marvel’s Avengers did when it finally brought all of their MCU characters together on the big screen. They weren’t even close and couldn’t even build off the success Wonder Woman had leading into the film. Justice League’s $229,024,295 gross officially lands the film in fifth place on the list, that’s $60 million behind Man of Steel (4th place), $100 million behind Suicide Squad (3rd place), a little over $100 million behind Batman v Superman (2nd place) and $183 million behind Wonder Woman the best film out of the bunch critically.

Damn not even better than Suicide Squad or Batman v Superman?

How could a movie featuring Superman, Batman, Wonder Woman, Aquaman, The Flash and Cyborg flop so hard?  Well, moviegoers could have been very skeptical based on what they saw in previous films. The reviews of the film didn’t also help the films cause and trailers didn’t do much to spark interest in the film. Also, word of mouth on social media could have doomed the film that honestly wasn’t as bad Suicide Squad or Batman v Superman. BUT that’s not saying much either, a film with the ensemble of heroes it had should have performed better than that in theaters.

Aquaman is the next film up and rumblings on the web are saying the film is promising, but we have heard that before. We just hope the DCEU finally gets on track. Maybe just maybe they should just follow the blueprint Marvel uses when it comes to developing their characters before putting them on screen together. Just a thought.

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