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Episode 4 of Atlanta titled “Helen” laid it on thick for its faithful viewers. The focus was centered on Earn and Van’s situationship—we won’t dare call it a relationship. As serious as the episode was there were definitely some moments that got reactions out of those tuned in. 


Episode 4 opens up with Earn and Van engaged in some adult bedroom activities pretty much putting on display what Earn really appreciates the most out of his current situation with Van.

It can also serve as Van getting in more ways than one also. She’s getting broken off physically and on top of that Earn agrees to accompany her on an out- of- town trip to the village of Helen (located in Georgia white country) for an Oktoberfest gathering she looks forward to every year since she was young.

If you got “Get Out” vibes while watching this episode you are not alone there were plenty of moments that harkened back to the critically acclaimed movie. Just with certain aspects swapped out like a wild boar being in the middle of the road instead of deer and some nerve-wracking moments throughout the episode.

We definitely were worried about Van and Earn for a second once they arrived in the predominately- white environment where two white women are seen gawking at the couple through a glass window.


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