Momma Shirleen tells her daughter about the unexpected visit from Kirk’s newest baby mama. Rasheeda is not feeling how Jasmine just rolled up in her shop and revealed the DNA results to her family taking the moment away from her. Rasheeda has no intentions to talk to Jasmine (for now) and feels that it’s Kirk’s job to address the situation. On the bright side, she understands that Jasmine’s son is innocent in this situation and is willing to concede in letting him meet his siblings. She shares that sentiment with Kirk and they decide to hold a “Frost” family meeting.  We learned two things from this meeting:

  1. Their daughter has the energy Rasheeda needs to have towards Kirk.
  2. Kirk has mad kids damn.
  3. Kirk has also been doing Rasheeda dirty since the dawn of time.

Twitter is sort of on Rasheeda’s side but they wished she would just kick Kirk to the side and be more like her daughter when it comes to confronting her no good husband.

We are seriously tired as well. Get it together Rasheeda, the jig is right there for you to spot but you just gonna keep on ignoring it though.


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