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Even after his untimely death in 1996, Tupac Shakur has continued in some way, shape or form proven to be way ahead of his time. The latest case comes in Pac predicting that former Duke basketball star Jeff Capel would be relevant for decades to come. Ok, that’s a stretch, but still, while everyone was out rocking Grant Hill Duke jerseys, Tupac was one of the few celebrities seen wearing Jeff Capel’s number at the height of his popularity.

Maybe they ran out of Grant Hill jerseys? Either this turned out to be such big of a deal that a Capel jersey that Pac once wore sold for thousands at an auction just last year (imagine it was a legendary college player’s jersey? No shots). Capel’s never addressed the iconic image until this past Wednesday during a press conference at Pitt where he spoke about how he intends on turning the Panther’s around and of course, that picture of Pac in his college jersey.

Capel said seeing Pac in his dubs was “The coolest thing” and though some haters tried to convince him it wasn’t his jersey but another player’s, Capel knew that wasn’t the case. “There are other pictures of him with the jersey on, and I would always tell people, ‘Oh, that wasn’t your jersey.’ I was like, ‘Look, man, ‘Pac died in ’96. That was during the time—there was no other No. 5 during that time.'”

If they can’t prove it’s not you then just roll with the popular theory my dude.

Check out a video of Pac interview while wearing that good ol’ Jeff Capel jersey below.

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