Blac Chyna out for dinner at The Beverly Wilshere Hotel

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Blac Chyna can’t seem to keep the struggle bullseye off her surgically enhanced cake pieces, this after a weekend fight at a California location of Six Flags made headlines. Although it’s been reported that Chyna was reacting to an insult and defending her child, a young woman at the center of the tussle says the Chyna’s teen boo threw the first blow.

TMZ reports:

We got Alexis, who’s also 18, speaking out for the first time about Sunday’s melee, which she says started when she spotted Chyna’s daughter, Dream, in a stroller. Alexis says Dream was being pushed by a nanny and Alexis complimented the nanny on how cute Dream was.

Alexis claims she patted Dream’s hand, which Chyna noticed and warned her not to touch the kid … and 15 minutes later threatened to whoop her ass.

Alexis claims a physical altercation started with Chyna’s bf, YBN Almighty Jay, punching her and her sister several times. Alexis claims she never traded blows with Chyna, and Six Flags security quickly intervened, advising everyone to go on their way without filing a report.

Well, maybe the first rule of thumb is to not touch someone’s baby without consent but it’s possible the reaction was a little over the top too?

What do you think, is Black Chyna and YBN Almighty Jay in the wrong here? Did Alexis overstep her bounds? Sound off in the comments section.


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