House Speaker Paul Ryan Holds Weekly News Conference

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Speaker Sucker of the House Paul Ryan reportedly will not be seeking re-election. The official story is that the Wisconsin Republican is leaving to be closer to his family—yeah, okay, that’s it. 

The oaf in the White House and assuredly taking an L if he were to run is more likely.

Reports the New York Times:

Speaker Paul D. Ryan told House Republican colleagues on Wednesday that he will not seek re-election in November, ending a brief stint atop the House and signaling the peril that the Republican majority faces in the midterm elections.

Mr. Ryan told the House Republican Conference that he will serve until the end of this Congress in January, which will mark 20 years in Congress. But his retirement announcement is sure to kick off a succession battle for the leadership of the House Republican Conference, likely between the House majority leader, Kevin McCarthy of California, and the House majority whip, Steve Scalise of Louisiana.

It could also trigger another wave of retirements among Republicans not eager to face angry voters in the fall and taking their cue from Mr. Ryan.

Cowards are gonna coward.

We have no respect for Ryan because as the Speaker he is supposed to be one of the checks on the power of President Trump. Instead, he has been complicit in allowing Spanky to run amok, causing chaos in the White House and doing his best to wreck our democracy.

That said, Ryan can feel free to let the doorknob hit him in the ass as he exits. Blue Wave on deck.

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