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Atlanta Champagne Papi Episode 2

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Last night’s episode of Atlanta titled “Champagne Papi’ was a total shift from last week’s intense but still funny as hell Teddy Perkins episode. As you can guess from the name, the episode was all about Drake and Van’s pursuit of getting a selfie with the 6 God.

*Spoilers Ahead*

Now if you have been following the show this season and its theme you already know Van is not going to be successful in her mission.

She is currently still fresh off her situationship with Earn and spots her former flame on social media enjoying himself. Determined to prove she’s over him and there nooed to prove that her social media life doesn’t only consist of her daughter and fried chicken. So to one-up Earn and get her social numbers up she is focused on getting a selfie with Drake, which would help her make her IG bling at an NYE’s party held at the rapper’s mansion.

Van and her homies put on their freakum dresses and board a shuttle that required a passcode upon entry. Once on board, they are greeted by a creepy driver who uncomfortably jokes about wanting to take the girls home with him.

Once inside the mansion, things go left for Van and her crew in typical Atlanta fashion. Nadine is tripping off a gummy she consumed before they embarked on their mission and just wanders off. Thankfully we were all relieved to see Nadine wind up in the company of Darius fresh off witnessing a murder/suicide.

He drops some valuable pothead gems on Nadine that blows the minds of the already excessively high woman as well as Atlanta viewers.

Meanwhile, Van’s other friend Terry spots her celebrity crush but is devasted to find out that he dates a white woman which results in a hilarious exchange between the two women.

The white woman pleads her case stating that she doesn’t see her Black boyfriend as just a black accessory but that they just genuinely like each other and she supports her man since day one. Terry wasn’t here for her response and read her filth pointing out just how hard it is for Black women in the world. You know Black women were here for Terry’s read of Becky.

Photo: FX

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