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Last night’s 41-minute commercial free episode of Atlanta titled “Teddy Perkins” was probably one of its most complex yet. Last week we saw Alfred robbed of his patience and time by his finessing barber Bibby, this week it was Darius’ turn to shine.

Atlanta is a show where you have no idea where each episode will take you and that’s one of the main reason why this show is great. On last night’s episode, Atlanta went full thriller on us and had us thinking we might lose one of the show’s main characters for the first time ever. Darius had his own adventure this week, his quest was the acquisition of a baby grand piano with kaleidoscope keys.Sounds easy right? Well, we have learned that nothing comes easy on this show for any of these characters.

Just last week’s episode with Bibby, Glover introduced a new character to that will go down in Atlanta lore. We meet Teddy Perkins (Glover in full white face) a recluse who lives in his secluded estate with his brother whom we along with Darius doubted even existed. At first sight, you immediately can’t believe what you are witnessing on your television screen when this character awkwardly greets Darius.


Darius hilariously described Teddy to Paper Boi, Tracey and Earn who saw limited time in the episode as “Sammy Sosa left in a dryer”. Then he suggests his friends hilariously search Sammy Sosa Hat after so they can get a visual idea of what exactly he is dealing with.

Things got weird instantly for Darius during his encounter with Teddy when the gentle-voiced weird started hammering away at “soft-boiled” ostrich egg and feasting on the goo inside. Another crazy moment was when Teddy requested via an intercom that a butler should bring down Darius some water. We later found out that there really is no butler and Teddy just used the intercom record things.

What in the hell is going on here?

Darius quickly learns that the piano he is eager to pick up belonged to Teddy’s “brother”, famed jazz pianist Benny Hope. As the episode goes along and Darius witnesses Teddy’s strange behavior and photos all over the house he believes Teddy is in fact, Benny. Teddy’s stories about how his very strict father raised him and his “brother” had shared a similar parallel to a very iconic pop star we all know. Also, he has a very strange admiration for notorious super strict black famous fathers and planned on constructing a museum honoring them.

Things get even crazier once Darius finally gets his hands on the piano and is on his way getting himself and the coveted prize out of the estate and away from Teddy. While exiting through the basement he discovers a wheelchaired bound Benny who is completely covered due to him suffering from a skin disease that makes him deathly sensitive to the sun. Benny issues Darius a very scary warning telling him to go to the attic to get a gun because Teddy is going to kill the both of them.

We were shocked to see there was an actual Benny though.

Darius took the warning with a grain of salt and proceeded on his way out. Once he and the baby grand makes it outside he sees his truck is blocked by Teddy’s car. So like a white victim in a horror movie Darius goes back inside and this is where the episode goes from scary funny to just outright crazy.

We learn Teddy has visited the attic already and retrieved the gun that his brother Benny urged Darius to get. He forces Darius to shackle himself to the chair as informs him that he is going to be his “sacrifice”.

Damn it definitely felt like we were about the lose the lover of vibes but an then Benny appears from the elevator.

Benny grabs the gun and shoots and kills his brother Teddy before he takes the gun and turns it on himself blowing his brains out. Atlanta Twitter was beside its self and trying to grasp what the hell they just witnessed.

In keeping with this season’s theme, poor Benny and Teddy were robbed of their childhood and Darius was robbed of the piano we think. Twitter was full of reactions and theories regarding the insane episode.

Hit the flip to see them all.

Photo: FX

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