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Brian Tyree Henry as Alfred Miles aka Paperboi 2

Source: Guy D’Alema/FX / Guy D’Alema/FX

Last night’s episode of Atlanta is definitely an instant classic.We didn’t think there would be a cameo that could top Katt Williams’ Alligator Man or Mike Vick racing strip club patrons in a parking lot but here we are.

In the Earnless episode, we meet Paper Boi’s finessing barber Bibby and he was an instant hit with Atlanta Twitter.


The struggle was real from the moment Paper Boi stepped in that barbershop and sat in that chair.

Paper Boi’s main mission was to get fresh for an upcoming photoshoot but his barber Bibby had other plans in mind. From the minute he walked in rocking his Kangol using Bluetooth headset men across the country could relate instantly.

We found out immediately how full of sh*t Bibby is from the moment he attempted to cut Paper Boi’s hair. Constantly stopping to engage in conversation and repeatedly asking him the same questions. Paper Boi’s patience was going to be put to the test and we were going to have to endure this rollercoaster with him.

Things get interesting when Bibby decides he has to go before he can even finish cutting Paper Boi’s hair. His first stop on his finesse tour is was one his side chicks house to cut her sons hair. Paper Boi has no choice but to roll with Bibby still rocking the cape because he started cutting Alfred’s hair before he decided he had to leave. When they arrive Paper Boi thinks he’s finally going to get his haircut but the Bibby instead cuts the kids hair telling him he had a an appointment.

The kid’s mom see’s Alfred and asks Bibby who the hell is he and why is he wearing a cape? Bibby hilariously tells her that Alfred is a magician and that’s why he has the cape on.

Bibby and Alfred are about to leave and the kid’s mom starts complaining that water and electricity are no longer working because he didn’t pay the bill. He takes the money off the table as his payment and him and Alfred leave to head to the next jig. Bibby asks Alfred is he likes Zaxby’s and what Atlanta native doesn’t? Bibby claimed he was going to take him to Zaxby’s to feed him but instead takes him to a house under construction. He proceeds to take a container of cold Zaxby’s leftovers out of the fridge and hands it Alfred who can’t believe what he just witnessed.

Bibby is a trip, the real reason he was there was to steal some lumber off the site and while he was doing so a white lady shows up to question what exactly is he doing. They get into an argument and with the white woman threatening to call the cops on Bibby and Alfred as they leave.

From there on Bibby manages to spot his son cutting school and chase him down in his truck. He also rear-ended a pregnant woman and drove off leaving her in the middle of the road crying. You know what hasn’t happened yet though? Paper Boi still hasn’t gotten his haircut yet.

After being robbed of his entire day, they finally make it back to the shop and Bibby finally cuts Paper Boi’s hair to his liking. Paper Boi is about to leave and Bibby has the audacity to ask Alfred to pay him and even tip him.

Learning his lesson from the whole ordeal with Bibby, his next visit Paper Boi walks past his old barber and plops himself into a new barbers chair. Bibby’s reaction is priceless as one can imagine, no barber likes to see a regular customer in the chair of another barber.

Paper Boi quickly realizes he may need Bibby though when his barber asked him what number he wanted on the chart. Bibby is definitely a liar but he always knows exactly how to cut Paper Boi’s hair. Hit the flip for more reactions from last night’s classic episode of Atlanta.

Brian Tyree Henry as Alfred Miles aka Paperboi 1

Source: Guy D’Alema/FX / Guy D’Alema/FX

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