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Last week’s season two debut of FX’s hit show Atlanta featured Katt Williams as Willy, the uncle of Donald Glover’s Earn Marks and the neighborhood “Alligator Man” as referenced in the show’s episode title. The veteran standup comedian sat down with Complex and talked about how he prepped for the role including getting up close to real live alligators.

From Complex:

You’re the Alligator Man in the first episode of Atlanta Robbin’ Season. How did you end up on the show?

I’m a music fan and I’m a comedy fan. [Donald’s] name carries that type of weight in both of those circles. So any project that he’s a part of, you want to be a part of as well. He had some thoughts on season two, where he wanted to take it, and how he wanted to put things out there. You can put yourself into somebody’s hand when you can trust their objective.

The first two times I auditioned, I wasn’t good enough and other people were better. I just kept at it, and then I interned at an alligator farm for three-and-a-half weeks, just so I could get comfortable enough that we didn’t use a stuntman. I really adopted the alligator into my home. And became so comfortable with it that it was like working with another co-star.

Check out the rest of the interview in where Williams talks about working with multiple alligators before finding the right fit. It’s hard to tell if he’s trolling or serious, but we must admit his scene-stealing turn in Atlanta is worth a watch.

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