Atlanta Champagne Papi Episode 3

Source: FX / Curtis Baker/FX

Finally, Van who is totally on her own at this point is wandering around the mansion dead set on getting this selfie. She encounters a guy who claims to be cousins with Drake’s nutritionist but ultimately turns out to be just a creep.

Van manages to ditch him and winds up in Drake’s bedroom and decides to do some exploring. She puts on the “Nice For What” rapper’s coat and sprinkles some of his toiletries on herself. While on her mission she encounters a Mexican man who claims to be Drake’s abuelo and it’s during that conversation she realizes the jig is up when she discovers he’s actually on his European tour.

She also discovers all the selfies that were being posted by guests at the party that had Drake in them were just cardboard cutouts. For $20 bucks attendees could finesse their followers and make them believe the “Six God” was in attendance. Van never got her moment but came to a startling revelation at the end of the episode stating that “Drake is Mexican”.

Atlanta is the gift that keeps on giving. Hit the flip to see more reactions from Van falling for the special invited guest party jig.



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