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It’s really been a tough few weeks for Killer Mike in the realm of social media. After catching a backlash for giving the NRA an interview in which he stated that he was pro-gun and his kids were forbidden from participating in the National School Walkout in support of gun control, Mike prematurely took aim at Joy Reid on Twitter only to find he he’d shot himself in the foot.

Luckily Joy Reid is a lovely person and invited the Run The Jewels rapper to her show AM Joy on MSNBC and after he apologized in person for trying to criticize her, he went on to explain his stance on guns and why he feels it’s important for minorities to take advantage of the second amendment.

“African-American gun ownership in this country has always been used as a defense mechanism. We’ve not organized militias and went out and hunted, we’ve not sought to kill people. We’ve only sought to do what Ida B. Well said and having a Winchester in the home should be an honored place in every Black home, defending ourselves from lynching, torture, murder, brutalization.”

After expressing his displeasure in the pettiness that the NRA and people in general have sunk too, Mike urged people to look into joining other gun clubs like the National African American Gun Association. “Turn your backs to the NRA, get rid of them if you want to, but don’t turn your backs on lobbying for yourself and keeping Black gun ownership.”

Truth is in Trump’s Amerikkka, Mike’s not wrong for believing that Black gun ownership is a topic that should be looked into. The question is, will that only make authorities even quicker to pull the trigger when dealing with Black gun owners? Mike thinks that the answer to that lies in “better policing.” Good luck with that.

Check out the interview below and let us know your thoughts on Mike’s pro-gun stance.