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Lebron James

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LeBron James is known for playing top-notch defense on the court but now he might have been caught stealing off the court. A company is claiming the NBA champion took their show idea.

According to Adventure Enterprises they pitched a television series to ‘Bron titled Shop Talk where celebrities detail their business ventures while being treated to a haircut.

Their suit says they worked with his company over the period of two years to fine tune the concept to pitch to various networks. Fast forward to 2017, James launched a show UNINTERRUPTED where he and other high-profile ballers and stars chopped it up at a barbershop about sports, music and more.

When Adventure saw the alleged thievery they confronted James’ company and were promised it was only a one episode affair and that it will cease airing. Well another installment ran on ESPN after causing Adventure to fight back legally, they are asking for UNINTERRUPTED to be pulled and monetary compensation.

A representative for Lebron called the lawsuit “totally frivolous and publicity seeking.” See a clip of the show in question below.


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