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In this day and age — given how fast-moving the Internet and social media is — nothing is absolute. From one day to the next, everything could switch up and we’d all be in unfamiliar territory. Still, Chloe and Halle Bailey, or CHLOE X HALLE, ages 19 and 17, respectively, are convinced that if no one else, the kids will be alright.

We often speak of the resilience of the youngins today and the fact that they’re able to think and create expansively through technology and beyond, but somehow we worry about their ability to manage a sometimes unmanageable world. With the release of their debut album The Kids Will Be Alright and their recurring roles on Freeform’s Grownish, the two sisters are already on their way to solidifying their place in entertainment in this brave new world.

It was only four years ago (2014) that Beyoncé and her team snatched them up to sign a contract with her Parkwood Entertainment imprint after hearing their cover of “Pretty Hurts.” The singers had been grooming their YouTube channel for years until that point, harnessing their creativity and releasing it all for moments at a time for an online audience who couldn’t get enough.

Chloe and Halle are Atlanta natives who were exposed to the talents of Robin Thicke, Jill Scott, and Toni Braxton by way of their parents, picking up the essential jewels necessary to create harmonies and melodies strong enough to capture and maintain the attention of their peers. There were no preliminary workshops, just two sisters who could sing and work together without egos getting in the way.

Now, with their careers moving far beyond a front-facing camera, the two siblings are well on their way and we know they’ll be alright.

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