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Avengers: Infinity War Okoye & T'Challa

Source: Marvel/Disney / Marvel/Disney

The anticipation for this weekend’s wide release of Avengers: Infinity War has never been higher, and if recent tweets are to be believed, fans are in for a good time. Early reactions via Twitter from a special premiere of the film this past Monday appear to be largely favorable.

“I am overwhelmed. The movie is epic beyond compare. LOVED it. My legs are still shaking,” Director and comic book expert Kevin Smith wrote. It’s a gigantic @Marvel masterpiece. So much to say but I’ll stay Silent Bob til Monday so as not to slip in spoilers. Suffice to say it’s gonna be a looooong year until @Avengers 4…”

Slash Film editor Peter Sciretta said, “#InfinityWar is everything you want, nothing you expect. It’s funny, surprising, dark, filled with delightful interplay between characters never seen on screen before. I know many filmmakers say they are trying to make a sequel in the vein of Empire Strikes Back, this succeeds.”

Part of the cast stopped by the set of Jimmy Kimmel Live! to show off a new clip from the film which features Robert Downey Jr. as Tony Stark/Iron Man inside Doctor Strange’s spooky digs talking with Mark Ruffalo’s Bruce Banner about the all-powerful Thanos.

After the epic success of Black Panther, most wondered if Marvel could repeat its epic feat of another blockbuster. Looks like that will be the case. We’ll all get our chance to see if it does indeed hold up to the hype on April 27.

Photo: Marvel/Disney

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