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Avengers: Infinity War

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It took 10 years but Thanos has finally arrived to deliver our favorite superheroes the fade. Anxiety levels have been on high for Marvel fans as they wondered for years about this film and if directing duo of Anthony Russo and Joe Russo could deliver the goods. We are happy to report they did and then some.

Avengers: Infinity War is as epic as predicted and what would you expect from a movie featuring all of Marvel Studios titular characters. To bring everyone up to speed quickly, Infinity War is a culmination of all of the Marvel Studios films leading up to the epic showdown with the Mad Titan aka Thanos and his quest for the precious and powerful Infinity Stones. There is no need for character building in this film because fans already know what is at stake and are well acquainted with all of the players except one…Thanos and his loyal and very dangerous disciples.

With everything already set up, it allows the Russo Brothers to jump into the story immediately and pick right up where Thor: Ragnarok left off. A movie as massive as Avengers: Infinity War could be confusing as there are so many stories to be told due to the fact there are so many dynamic characters.  They masterfully find a way to keep your interests peaked in each character’s quest as they all lead to the climactic showdown with the feared Marvel villain.

Avengers: Infinity War

Source: Marvel/Disney / Marvel/Disney

Each character from Iron Man (Robert Downy Jr.), Thor (Chris Hemsworth) Captain America (Chris Evans), Black Panther (Chadwick Boseman) down to Scarlet Witch (Elizabeth Olsen)  has their moment to shine as well some more than others but not one of them wasted their on-screen opportunity to wow moviegoers. Their on-screen chemistry was also on point helping to deliver well-timed comedic moments that worked every time in spite of the disastrous circumstances around them. BUT it’s the sense of fear all of the heroes convey that we have not seen from them as they learn that this battle is has more dire consequences than any other they have been a part of. The Russo Brothers manage to have this same fear rub off on the viewer. But honestly the star of this movie wasn’t the Earth’s mightiest heroes, it was the universes greatest threat.

Josh Brolin is masterful as Thanos who after this film an argument could be made easily that he is one of, if not THE greatest MCU villains ever. Move over Killmonger, Loki, and Hela.  Brolin’s voice gives the CGI enhanced character much-needed life as there are moments viewers can honestly feel some form of empathy for the villain on his conquest to vanquish everyone. There were even times when Thanos was just as much sad as he was hell-bent on wiping out everyone with the snap of his fingers.

Avengers: Infinity War manages to carry on the consequential feeling that Ryan Coogler did for Black Panther so effortlessly. The 2h 40m epic is exhausting and that is by no means a bad thing cause it takes on you on an emotional rollercoaster. It’s the films climatic battle in the beautiful fictional world of Wakanda that will leave you speechless. Once the film ended there was a wave of silence that I could honestly say as avid Marvel movie watcher I never seen or experienced before. This isn’t just a colorful comic book movie this is an experience and it will require a lot of processing after viewing. Make no mistake Avengers: Infinity War was worth the 10-year wait and is the Avengers movie fans have been clamoring for. Hell, some fan reactions that hit Twitter last night can attest to that.

Avengers: Infinity War Okoye & T'Challa

Source: Marvel/Disney / Marvel/Disney

Where the movie belongs in the pantheon of Marvel’s cinematic gems is on the viewer but that distinction is based solely on the viewer. There is no doubt this film deserves to be in the question when it comes to which one of the films were the greatest without a doubt.

Oh don’t be that person and leave when the movie is over, you will be rewarded for sitting through those credits.

Final Verdict: Masterful

Photo: Marvel Studios/ Disney