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Omar Epps And Tupac Shakur In 'Juice'

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Aside from his pro-Black messages and thought-provoking lyrics, Tupac Shakur‘s Thug Life demeanor helped set him apart from his gangsta rap peers and contributed to the legendary legacy he left behind. And though he called for unity amongst the Black and brown community, Pac proved over his rap career he wasn’t the “turn the other cheek” kinda guy.

So it really shouldn’t surprise anyone that Tupac was thuggin’ it out on the set of his breakthrough film, Juice, where Pac played a bullied teenager turned heartless killer in search of respect. In an interview with Vlad TV, Pac’s co-star (and Bishop’s first vic), Khalil Kain a.k.a. Rahim (R.I.P.), tells a Pac story that many people aren’t too familiar with. According to Kain, Tupac put hands and feet on a kid who got out of pocket and swiped some of Pac’s jewels out his trailer.

Asking Khalil about that rumor, Kain told Vlad that Pac simply believed in lending a helping hand to those less fortunate, but Kain himself “wasn’t showing love that way, at that point. And yeah, [Tupac] invited the wrong kid to hang out, and the kid stole some jewelry and he got his ass beat. He got stomped out. You know, those are the rules.” Some hood rules never change.

Though it’s never cool to take an ass whippin’ from anyone, not many people can say they’ve had the honor of taking one at the hands of a Hip-Hop icon. Embarrassing, yes, but still a part of Hip-Hop history.

Check out the interview below.

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