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People Playing A Nintendo Switch

Source: Future Publishing / Getty

Nintendo’s hybrid console, The Switch is a hit make no mistake about it.  Since its March 3, 2017 release Nintendo has moved more Switch consoles than the Wii U in its entire lifetime.

According to the numbers, the future is looking bright the for the company that gave us Mario.

Since the holiday season has passed that tremendous momentum has slowed down a tad bit according to latest earnings for the company. For the past three months, Nintendo has moved 2.93 million consoles a significant drop from 7.23 million consoles before that. They still have pushed an impressive 17.79 million in total sales despite the slowdown.

As far as software is concerned, there has also been a bit of slowdown, as to be expected, but there is still plenty for Nintendo to be very proud of. Super Mario Odyssey since it’s release has now sold 10 million copies, Mario Kart 8 Deluxe has been picked up by 2 million more people. The Legend of Zelda: Breath of The Wild and Splatoon 2 have sold about 1.5 and 1 million units.

As for the exact figures Nintendo brought 177,557 million yen in profit which converted is an astounding $1.6 billion. Last year the company reported 29,362 million yen in profit which is just shy of $270 million here so yeah the Switch has put the company in a very good space.

Nintendo’s future is, even more, promising cause the company hasn’t taken into account the numbers their most innovative creation yet Labo has produced for them. There also a slew of new games on the way this year Mega Man Legacy Collection arrives in May, Mario Tennis Aces drops June, Captain Toad: Treasure Tracker in July and the highly-anticipated next installment in Super Smash Brothers.

There is also the new online features for Switch that Nintendo will be charging customers to use adding another revenue stream for the company.  If there were any time where you should hop on the Switch bandwagon now would be perfect.

Photo: Future Publishing / Getty